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At Sharp Web Tools, we take an unique approach to websites and search engine optimization, but our approach gives our customers an important advantage.

Or, you may prefer this page headline:

Most website customers dread calling their website companies, but not our customers. Can you guess why?

In most of the website design world, all of the services are provided a la carte, even those that really need to be done on a continuing basis, such as website updates, social media marketing and search engine optimization work. 

What follows is that you hesitate to call your web designer for fear of the inevitable invoice of unknown size that is sure to follow.  The result is that vital updates to your site, to your social sites and to your search engine quest go undone, making the site for which you paid full price less and less relevant as time goes by.

In “The World According to Sharp Web Tools”, we take a different approach.  After we build your website, we offer (and recommend) the service of continuing website updates, social media updates and search engine optimization all at a small monthly fixed rate.  Social media and search engine work is performed on each site several times each month.  Website updates are done on an as-needed basis.  We even prompt our customers on a regular basis for more content to use so we can keep your site and social media fresh. 

What follows is that fear of an invoice does not cause you to hesitate to call us when you have a new event, product or idea to post on your website or on your social media sites; you don’t forget to get us new information as your busy world seems to occupy all of your focus.  The result is that your site is always fresh, always up to date, and it is always competitive on search engines, making the site that you loved when we launched it even more effective as time goes by.

You are a rational person, and we know you can see the logic, even the necessity, of this approach.  Contact us, or one of our customers, to learn the details and to verify our claims.

Our Mission Statement is simply:

  • We will bring the best value to the market, one website at a time
  • We will offer complete website services to our client
  • We will build no boring websites

Our work has primarily been in the Traverse City, Grand Traverse County, Antrim County, Northern Michigan area, but we also have done work for out-of-state customers. Thanks to the nature of the internet and website development, working at a distance is almost seamless.


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