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In Website Design for Traverse City Businesses Everything Matters!

In order to create an excellent website, many things need to come together.

Most websites offer something, but only handful of website designs offer everything; excellent websites are a rare jewel. They are a combination of interesting, targeted, informative and efficient. It isn’t an overstatement to say that all of these components need to be brought together to achieve an excellent result.  At Sharp Web Tools of Traverse City, we have the skills to develop websites designs that have impact on both the exterior (what your customers see) and on the interior (what the search engines see); a website design that attracts your customer and works with the search engines.

Sharp Web Tools of Traverse City works with you to create the best custom website that you can possibly have.  We help you build, develop, and market a website that builds brands and promotes your company products.  Our philosophy is that your website should completely reflect the image of yourself or your company.  Your website should be your best salesman.

How do we create an excellent design for you?

  • We learn the needs of your prospective customers. 
  • We learn about your company; your products and services, your strengths, your unique approach, what makes you stand out. 

We capitalize on this information and we combine it with our passion for interesting, unique, efficient website design.

  • We create a website that will capture and hold your customer’s interest
  • We combine their needs with your strengths
  • We help them envision themselves with their needs met, thanks to you!

But there is more to website design than just a pretty site and cool graphics.  A website, in order to effectively do its job has to be seen.  Sharp Web Tools of Traverse City builds websites from the gound up with search engine optimization in mind.  Once the site is built, we don’t just leave you to your own devices.  We stay with you, help you with content management, social media, and search engine optimization.  Sharp Web Tools of Traverse  City is proud of the websites that we create; we want to make sure that they are seen, and that you are successful.

We create websites that turn shoppers into customers, consistently.

Learn more about the process…




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