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Website Design- What Does it really matter?


                There are over 110 million public websites on the internet and that number is growing exponentially every day.  So if you want a great website, you are going to have to find a way to stand out from the crowd.  You have less than 10 seconds when a consumer lands on your page to get their attention.  Website design really matters. Sharp Web Tools of Traverse City can help.

Your website design is the first thing that people notice when they arrive at your site.  If you have an untidy, ugly or boring website with bad graphics and/or hard to understand navigation, you will lose your potential customers right from the start.  In this busy world with so many other choices at their fingertips, no one wants to spend very long figuring out how to navigate your site- remember you have less than 10 seconds.  A website that is badly designed will be remembered for all of the wrong reasons.  If you want a website that will be remembered for all of the right reasons, you will need a website that has a design that makes it unique and interesting.  Whether your website is for personal or business reasons, it must be well designed and well maintained to be successful.

With website design, you can capture your potential customer’s attention with graphics that are relevant and useful, content that is high quality, navigation that is user friendly, and colors and layouts that are easy on the eye.  Research indicates that at least 30% of potential customers are converted to real customers from websites that are designed professionally, look trustworthy, and are organically grown (uses natural search engine optimization) compared to websites that are quickly made and have badly thought out designs.

Designing your site
is the first important aspect of the success of your website.  At Sharp Web Tools of Traverse City, we have a passion for creating interesting, dynamic, attention-getting, easily navigated websites that are content rich with relevant information for your customers.



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